Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is an allocated amount of funding calculated for each school according to the number of children who have been in receipt of Free School Meals at any time during the preceeding six years.

The amount received by our school for the  academic   Year 2015-2016 was £13,800

It was used to support children’s learning through;

  • Extra Learning Support
  • Small Group  Tuition
  • Enrichment activities such as visits and trips
  • IT hardware to enhance and accelerate learning
  • Specialist music tuition for individual children
  • Training and professional development for teachers and teaching assistants
  • Purchasing Resources

Monitoring and evaluation of achievement of children entitled to Pupil Premium shows that there was impact on progress and attainment across the curriculum and also on personal development.

The amount expected for the academic year 2016-17 is £13,800. It is intended to be spent in a similar way as above. However individual need and circumstances are constantly evaluated, monitored and provided for. Because of small numbers  barriers to educational achievement for eligible pupils are evaluated and monitored at an individual level and pupil premium allocation is adapted as neccesary to meet needs. The school measures the impact and effect of its expenditure of the pupil premium allocation through case studies, data, children’s work.

The school’s pupil premium strategy is evaluated annually in the Autumn term.